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Other researchers define the concept of "norm" too broadly, which does not cause objection from a philosophical and biological point of view, but makes it difficult to use the definition in practical medicine. So, for example, V. Petlenko writes: “The norm is the biological optimum of a living system, that is, it is an interval of optimal functioning of a living system. This interval has movable boundaries, within which the optimal connection with the environment is maintained, as well as the consistency of all body functions ”(see Norm). However, in both practical and theoretical medicine, one has to proceed from the average statistical idea of ​​the norm.

But such an approach presupposes a certain degree of subjectivity, and the norm established in this way cannot be constant for a long time; it should be deepened and refined in connection with the latest achievements of honey. and biol, science. So, studies of biorhythms carried out in the 70s. 20 century, showed that even during the day a number of important fiziol, indicators (for example, the number of platelets, leukocytes, etc.) are subject to such significant fluctuations that they can mask the manifestations of pathology.

The influence of seasonal and meteorol and factors is no less significant. For organs "hard-coded" within the framework of cyclic activity, for example, for the heart, the determination of many indicators, in particular the criteria of metabolism, should be carried out in relation to the phases of this cycle. Therefore, as honey expands. and biol, knowledge of the concept of "norm" is being clarified.

Apr 07, 2017

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Although 3. is the opposite of the disease, it does not have clear boundaries, since there are various transitional states.